The Product:

Clearview Safety Partitions are regularly tested to stand up to 12.000 pounds impact load. Made of super-tough polycarbonates, they are virtually indestructible.

Peace-of-mind and total comfort. The extra-solid construction of our cargo partitions allow for temperature control, so driver and passengers enjoy the ride in complete comfort, feeling secure that the cargo is managed expertly.

All Clearview safety partitions for all vehicles give you:

  • Excellent visibility
  • Complete protection
  • Top-notch durability
  • Easy installation with basic tools
  • Flush floor mount
  • Easy positioning
    • repositionable -can position behind first or second or third set of seats - accommodate different needs
    • custom designed rooftop bars - screw right into cross members
      (part of roof construction providing strength and rigidity)
    • quickly removable - eliminates wasted cargo space contoured
  • Cost efficiency
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Multi-adaptable
    • Range of standard sizes - available for all types and sizes of veichles
  • Built of strong, 16-gauge steel
  • Formed channels for extra strength
  • Steel-Cote diamond-hard finish resists scratches and dents - lasts a lifetime!
  • Perforated partition panels are strong and quiet
    • Saves energy - increases internal energy - concentrated
    • Adds to driver comfort as opposed to ventilated or perforated or no partition
  • Includes all assembly and installation fasteners for base van trim level.

Business Snapshot:

W/S Group Inc. essentially serves the automotive aftermarket sector, providing two product lines: Clearview Partitions (designed to prevent shifting cargo from hitting and injuring vehicle drivers from sudden stops) and Workvan Storage Systems (a full range of shelving, roof rack, partition and other vehicle accessories). W/S Group Inc. has a North America-wide dealer distribution and installation network.

Our Team:

Khadija, the owner and manager of clearview Partitions, received her undergraduate degree in Business Administration at Brock University and her post-graduate degree in Software Systems Technology at the University of Sheffield. She met the inventor of the Clearview Partition and convinced her family to invest in it. 1993, Khadija learned that the company was in trouble and took over the helm in 1996.

Why Entrepreneurship? Khadija credits her father and the community at large for inspiring her. "My family has been in business ever since I was born. From a very young age, I learned that the only way to have a good life and freedom was by running my own business. To me, entrepreneurship represents independence, and dare I say it, fun. You get to see the results of your efforts right away."

Her business partner has 10 years sheet metal fabrication experience. Involved with manufacturing from start to finish, he is responsible for training the project planning team and - as every new vehicle that comes out needs partition designed - he is the leader in designing all partitions.