Clearview Partitions

Van and truck safety partitions need to do their job so that you can do yours

Clearview™ Partitions offer many advantages, but the most important one is peace of mind. They are a sensible and practical way to protect your most valuable assets: your people — nothing else compares.

We design, build and install the revolutionary ClearviewTMsafety cargo partition for Chrysler, Ford, GM and most other cargo-carrying vehicle models.

Clearview™ Partitions are transparent so will not impede your rear or side vision and will let you see your cargo from all angles. Plus, the partition acts as a barrier between the cab and storage area of the vehicle for temperature control because of its extra solid construction; ensuring a comfortable environment for both the driver and passengers on board.

Providing quality safety partitions for cargo carrying vehicles since 1985, ClearviewTM Partitions are manufactured from a clear polycarbonate. They are tough — virtually indestructible. Regularly tested to stand up to 12,000 pounds impact load (= 120 lb. x 100miles per hour speed) they are able to withstand any sudden stop or collision. They are easy to install, and reposition, cost-efficient, and provide the best visibility available for utility vehicle safety partition barriers!

We are delighted to announce that we have a full line of van interior products for full size and mini vans. This product line includes galvanised steel shelving, metal partitions and aluminium ladder racks. Please visit or conatct us for more details.